Seth offers a variety of group workshops for yoga studios and for yoga teacher training programs. The main categories of programming he offers are:

Harmonium, Voice, Sanskrit, Mantra & Nada Yoga

Below you will see Seth's ongoing workshops and programs that he has developed for teacher trainings, yoga studios and retreats. He works one-on-one with yoga teachers and studio owners to develop custom curriculum for their program needs.

I am writing to let you know that I really enjoyed your class this evening. Thank you. It was one of the best sessions I had during this teacher training.

I work in finance and I am going through a lot work-wise these days. It is VERY stressful and somewhat it’s been exhausting and draining me. Your class today really helped me. I was so full of emotion by the end of the chanting and I am writing to you to not lose the memory. I am not yet confident if I can ever make a living out of teaching yoga but you inspired me to keep practicing no matter what.
— Jenny, YTT student



The Basics of Playing the Harmonium and Chanting

This workshop is intended for those who want to get a basic introduction to playing and chanting and yoga teachers and students in teacher trainings who are interested in leading chanting in yoga classes or for kirtan. The workshop focuses on harmonium playing techniques, proper posture, the fundamental elements of playing a keyboard instrument, basic music terminology, and playing while chanting. We learn how to lead “om” chanting and one or more simple, melodic chants using basic music notation, which you can take with you for home practice.

Our time spent workshop learning the harmonium is definitely a highlight of the Advanced Teacher Training so far. I especially liked the pace and hands-on instruction; having so many harmoniums in the space was a special treat.
— Shri Devi, teacher training student



Harmonium Basics Combined with Using Your Voice

This workshop combines the Harmonium Workshop (see description above) with Mind/Body vocal practices and exercises to bring more awareness, support, and freedom to how you use your voice for singing, speaking, and chanting mantra. Seth draws connections between the harmonium and your own body, voice, and mind to allow for a deeper understanding of you as an instrument for both music, creative expression, and spirit. This workshop is beneficial for all students, especially yoga teacher trainings as it combines not only playing the harmonium but basic vocal production for both singing and speaking.

I really connected with this voice inside of me that I honestly never really knew was there. I don’t know that I even knew anything like this existed before I met Seth. I don’t know of anybody else who is doing this kind of work.
— Amy, Mind-Body Music & Voice Student



An introduction to Sanskrit, Nada Yoga and Mantra

This workshop is most often requested for 200 or 300 Hour yoga teacher trainings as an introduction to Sanskrit, Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound), and Mantra practice, though it is adaptable to any group of students interested in any aspect of these practices. We start with the the subtlest elements of sound, move onto language, and then to chanting and singing. The Nada Yoga segment includes a basic understanding of the relationship between sound and yoga in ancient text and practice. The Sanskrit segment includes basic pronunciation of the letters, how to read English transliterations of Sanskrit words, and how to pronounce different asana names and words in Sanskrit commonly found in yogic text. The Mantra segment includes an introductory look at what Mantra is, how to use it, and how to start a Japa Mala Sadhana (mantra repetition practice). The Kirtan section includes call and response chanting led by Seth.

Seth has been an indispensable part of our teacher training program for many years now. He is knowledgable, nurturing, and teaches from the heart. The students adore him, and always learn so much from their time with him. We are so grateful that he can share his love of music, mantra, and Sanskrit with our trainees.
— Erica Whalen, Co-Owner & Creative Director of Mang'Oh Yoga Studio