I wanted to play the harmonium and chant once I began hearing it in yoga class. However, I was very apprehensive about learning to sing. I am an older student who was always told that I couldn’t carry a tune. How would I be able to learn something so new, and at my age?

Seth has been an extraordinary teacher for me. He knows exactly what I need, both musically and psychologically. He supports me when I’m feeling vulnerable, yet sets goals which enable me to sing and play at a level that I didn’t think possible. Seth’s patience and equanimity are exactly what I need when I’m anxious about my ability to master a new challenge. Every lesson is a joy, even when I’m feeling unsure of myself.

Seth’s approach is gentle and knowledgeable. He has a deep understanding of music, and he brings his talent and skill as a musician to his teaching. Seth’s commitment and his awareness and sensitivity have made it possible for me to grow personally and musically. I am grateful to be his student.
— Sue Klavans Simring, PhD ,LCSW, Adjunct Associate Professor Columbia University School of Social Work, RYT 200
Seth is so much more than a music teacher. Beyond being such a gentle soul that welcomes all your imperfections – musical, vocal and otherwise, Seth is a teacher that guides an exploration into your creative, musical being, and reshapes those imperfections. Day one I could barely eek out a sound when attempting to chant. When the time came for me to leave NYC, my going away party was a recital/kirtan, complete with a participating audience and Seth playing the guitar alongside me. Through the work we did together, Seth’s patient support and the support of another friend who was also Seth’s student, I found the space to open my heart and voice to a room full of people while I actually played songs on the harmonium! While that never may have been in my vision, Seth’s lessons and encouragement not only led to this tremendous shift, but also to something I will have for a lifetime: confidence to play, sing and chant, with people, or more often just me and my beloved harmonium.
Taking harmonium lessons with Seth has been one of the greatest experiences. As someone who had almost no background in playing an instrument, Seth found an array of ways to work with my skills and create a space that encouraged me to learn, practice, and go farther than I ever imagined. Each lesson left me feeling more fulfilled and excited. I learned far more than just harmonium working with Seth, as he would link and interweave yogic concepts and awareness of my breath. The lessons created a space for me to express myself and gave me the confidence to lead kirtan at the beginning of my yoga classes. Seth tapped into my needs each lesson, suggesting mantra that would accompany my mood, providing me with meditations and ultimately becoming a great friend. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Seth as a teacher and HIGHLY recommend anyone to take lessons with him, take his classes and attend his workshops.
I am so grateful to have met Seth!! He is an amazing teacher full of knowledge, patience, and warmth. His teaching comes not only from the head but also from the heart. I feel as though I got exactly what I wanted from my experience- not only did I gain practical and technical knowledge of the harmonium, but I also walked away with a fuller cup. Thank you again, Sethji!! See you again soon!
Seth and I have been working together for exactly a year now. When I first came to him for our first lesson I knew nothing about the harmonium. I was a yoga teacher that wanted to learn more about the art of chanting and Kirtan music in general. Over the course of a year Seth has given me the confidence to perform on my own, record in the studio and also share my instrument and voice with anyone who will listen. It has truly changed my life.

Our weekly lessons are not just an hour of technique and practice, they are a time for me to sit, breath and reflect. I come away feeling like my brain has been pushed, my body feels calm and recharged and my mind is silent. It is honestly such a blessing to work with Seth! I recommend him to anyone, wether you are looking for a teacher, inspiration or a friend.
I’ve gained so much from these lessons. I had no idea how to play the harmonium. I didn’t even know where to start. On day one on my first lesson, I was creating these sounds that throughout all of my yoga practice and kirtan I had heard before. Immediately what was so cool for me was to be able to play the music that I had been hearing for so many years, and to be able to be playing it myself!
Seth is a supportive and nourishing teacher. He encourages me be better without judgement but with gentle nudges designed to help me work on my form and technique. He has not only taught me various chants but has given me techniques to help me become a better player both through practice excercises and pieces of musical theory. Each week he supports me whether I’ve barely had time to play or have sat for hours at my harmonium. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
— Liz Coleman, Audio Engineer
Seth is an excellent teacher. He is fun to work with and has a lighthearted nature. He makes singing and playing the harmonium simple and fun! I highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their music skills.

Playing the harmonium and chanting mantra is an incredible tool for finding deep relaxation and Joy. Especially when you’re living in New York City and there’s so many energies constantly whirling around you, the instrument can be a powerful tool for grounding and elevating our spirits.
Seth has gotten me from the point where I haven’t played a musical instrument in my life to being able to play songs in a couple of sessions. Seth is a very compassionate and patient teacher.
Seth takes a holistic approach to music instruction which I found to be unique and inspirational. Although I initially connected with him to learn harmonium, through our lessons, I was introduced to so much more – music theory, rhythm, voice, relaxation. I especially appreciated that he has been really open to teaching specific pieces that I was interested in learning, while introducing me to new chants. The sound of harmonium as well as the sacred mantras that are in all of the chants are also amazingly healing. Through studying with Seth, I have learned not only the technical aspects of playing the harmonium, but also gained confidence in using my own voice to connect to the Divine.
When I was younger, I started to learn to play the guitar and all of the skills and the theory, just nothing clicked. Then here with Seth all of a sudden I’m coming to it and I’m here for really for the chants, but I’m not into the music and the technique. But how Seth is bringing it all in is really incorporating the technique of using the instrument and that became such a big part that I am so excited about in our classes. It is far beyond just chanting. It’s actually learning an instrument.
During our harmonium/voice/breathing session, Seth was a wonderfully gentle, intuitive teacher who easily communicated a loving sense of acceptance and encouragement. He presented techniques that were easy and immediately useful, and have remained in the forefront of my awareness ever since. Given that I live out of town and had only one day to meet, I wish I had scheduled a 2-hour appointment! I look forward to further developing my practice and returning in the Spring for additional refinement. Jai!
I’m so grateful that I got to know Seth and had the opportunity to be his student. He’s a gifted teacher and phenomenal person. He knows the ‘ins and outs’ of music, but most importantly, he understands the intricacies of people. He is welcoming and playful in his approach, filled with kindness and humor. Seth is also incredibly supportive and encouraging and a great person to have in your corner. Feeling some nervous vibes, I recall once losing my cool during harmonium playing, and Seth responding, ‘I will get you through it,’ with genuine care and kindness. Seth also has this natural ability to spin everything into a philosophical and intentional lesson. He is very thoughtful and I always end up finding ways to apply harmonium to my everyday life. Seth also brings such loving and positive energy to his students. In addition, he creates a safe space for students to be and feel.

I admit learning harmonium is not always easy and it will continue to have its ups and downs. But, Harmonium and Voice with Seth was the first time that I actually enjoyed learning an instrument. In the past, I took many guitar and ukulele lessons but I never felt like I was learning anything. And the reason why I wasn’t completely successful at learning was because my teachers were just teaching me the instrument. They weren’t going deeper into me as a person and helping me to recognize the root of my problem, the actual habits and patterns that can prevent learning such as anxiety and fear. Like all those uncomfortable feelings that can come up and make everything blur-until you slow down, be with the discomfort, and breathe- then the music and life in general comes easier. Once, I slow down and take it step by step- I can actually figure stuff out. I’m capable. And Seth helped remind me of that. Yes, I still forget and will forget again. But, I’m learning and more aware of my habits and patterns. As Seth, reminds me again and again during harmonium practice, “No bad habits here!” And that mantra is starting to seep into others areas of my life.

Learning harmonium came at an interesting time in my life. Sometimes, I felt like I was losing faith in things, but through my harmonium journey with Seth, I was reminded to seek solace in the haven of my heart. There I can find protection, faith, and love- all I have to do is sit down, breathe, and chant. It’s an amazingly transformative practice.

Overall, sessions with Seth are more than just music lessons but life lessons. There is the joy of learning a musical skill but then there is also the joy of learning to live a life full of meaning, growth, presence, connection and love. Is it possible that learning an instrument makes you want to give more and love more? I think so!

My words don’t do him justice- you just need the Seth experience-so just take a lesson- go to it! And if you have a chance to join him for a kirtan- please do- it’s magical. And he also makes his own music- even more magic- check it out. You will be so much better for knowing and studying with Seth. And you’ll embrace his big heart-I sure do. In short, Seth totally rocks! Study with him- he’ll rock your harmonium world!
Seth incorporates his vast knowledge of music, yoga and breathing to teach in a holistic way that allows you to learn about yourself as you learn about music. His never ending patience and attention to detail create a nurturing environment for personalized learning. His teaching approach is always creative, engaging and encouraging. I feel lucky to have him as a music teacher!
I began taking guitar with Seth as the ultimate beginner. His patience, clarity, and unique process has opened up a love and understanding of this instrument I could have never imagined. It has been amazing and important to me that Seth’s experience and knowledge of teaching yoga has deeply tied into his approach to teaching music. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to cultivate and or deepen their understanding of music.
Seth Lieberman has a unique gift among music educators. He has the ability to break down difficult technical moments so they become clear and achievable to the student. Since studying with Seth I have found I’m less anxious when tackling those moments during lessons and in my own practice.
As a person who channels musical ability with some degree of difficulty, it’s been immensely rewarding to study harmonium and voice with Seth. He is a wonderful teacher because he shares what he loves with both technical precision and a deeply heartfelt and joyful understanding. I’m a yoga teacher myself, and have noticed two invaluable sides to one coin. There has been a profound change in how I relate to chanting and breath work in my own practice, and therefore in the ease and clarity with which I teach these disciplines to my students. What a gift! Thank you, Seth. I can’t wait to continue learning.
Seth is a nurturing, inspiring harmonium teacher. His knowledge and easy-going nature put me at ease right away, allowing me the freedom to learn, make mistakes, and laugh through it. I highly recommend him for anyone interested in learning harmonium!
Seth patiently lead me through the beginning steps of learning harmonium and set me up to explore music further at my own pace. He was really good at quickly transcribing the music I wanted to learn, and equally good at pointing out the strange mistakes I was making but could not hear. I felt safe and comfortable in his hands!
— Joelle Hahn, writer and yoga teacher
Seth is a passionate teacher who enthusiastically creates meaningful musical experiences each lesson. He is entirely invested in one’s progress. He offers insights into musical theory, history and technique. He is extremely knowledgeable and multi-talented and most importantly, he is a wonderful person. The lessons are fun and full of joy.
Seth is a great harmonium teacher! He worked with me on a specific project and tailored the lessons to cover what I needed to know. He’s an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and a kind and patient teacher.


Seth is a truly remarkable, unique teacher. His enthusiasm and love of yoga and its teachings permeate his classes; besides his deep understanding of anatomy and scripture, Seth is an incredibly kind, patient, caring teacher. His classes are full of learning and laughter, and inspired me to take my first teacher training a few years ago. As a student, you feel like Seth really sees what’s going on in the body, and (importantly) knows how to help! I would also highly recommend studying music with Seth; again, you get to be around someone who is classically trained, loves and understands kirtan and Indian devotional music, and wants to share the joy of making music with you.
I’ve studied with Seth for over five years. Unlike many yoga classes, his focus on alignment – Seth knows a great deal about human anatomy, and this shows in his measured, careful and safe classes. Nothing is done sloppily, and every student receives individual attention. Seth also focuses on yoga as a mental practice, particularly in handling momentary discomfort. As a result, I’ve become stronger both mentally and physically, and have even been able to develop an effective home practice.
Seth is a dynamic, wonderful teacher whose musicality, artistry, and generosity of spirit come through in his teachings. His deep knowledge of asana and yoga philosophy transform my experience of yoga on and off the mat. His classes are wonderful for students of all levels because of his attention to detail. He activates nuances of the poses which totally shifts the experience. Seth’s astute adjustments stay with me in my continued practice. I always leave Seth’s class feeling radically grounded with a new sense of peace and wonder.
The best ever!!! Seth is a terrific teacher and an inspiration.
After a tumultuous few weeks fighting depression and seeing therapists and psychiatrists, Seth offered to give me a private yoga lesson. His gentle and warm voice guided me through various postures aimed at opening up my chest and heart area, ‘restorative’ poses as he explained. These gradually interwove with relaxing breathing exercises. All whilst he gave me specific yet simple and understandable corrections. His insights as to why we were doing each pose were fascinating and uplifting. His years of study and devout dedication to Yoga are very apparent and he shares his wisdom sincerely and with a touch of contagious glee. He led me through a inner world that I have never seen. A truly surreal awakening. Throughout the session I felt comforted, safe and very conscious of the beautiful present. By the end it felt as if my whole body was vibrating with “Om”. I look forward to a deeper understanding of myself, my body and the spiritual through Seth’s compassionate guidance. I cannot recommend a private session more strongly. I hope this sharing of my experience will help suggest a positive next step for you to take. I wish you peace on your journey.
Seth is a patient, kind, and encouraging teacher. In both guitar and yoga he offers insightful tips on best methods to practice and logical next steps to build on what you know, in addition to making precise adjustments and suggestions targeted towards improving technique. His thoughtful explanations have led me to a deeper understanding of both disciplines. I’m very grateful to have found him!
Seth’s classes are methodical and provide wonderful focus on proper alignment. He is thorough in his explanation of each pose as it relates to anatomy and/or yoga philosophy, thus grounding students in the fundamentals and giving students the tools to grow and to avoid injury. One typically leaves his classes feeling empowered and centered.


In the middle of asana I just blissed out into the sound; I felt part of it. Seth’s music worked in harmony and never competed with the pranayama or asana.
— Ellen Davis, Workshop Participant
Seth’s music just made you feel all the poses and prana on such a deep level. Right down to your soul!
— Donna, Workshop Participant
I loved that Seth brought drums, harmonium, guitar and flute into the class. His talents far exceed anything I was expecting!
The synergy of the live music and various instruments with the postures deepens the entire yogic experience. Seth and Marisa blend their gifts of music and yoga together so beautifully!
— Sharon Kais, Yoga Teacher
[Prana Yoga & Live Music] is an amazing experience, and such a beautiful yoga practice. It was one of my most favorite classes, workshops in my 16 years of practicing and teaching yoga. Marisa and Seth are wonderful teachers. I look forward to studying with them again. Their knowledge, and love shines through throughout their teaching. This IS authentic yoga.
— Suzie Martinez, Psychotherapist | Yoga Therapist | Reiki Master Teacher
Prana Yoga with Live Music takes your asana practice to another level. The music so compliments the physical practice adding another level of sensory experience so that the practice becomes even more of a moving meditation. You feel fully alive and present during the experience and afterwards you end your practice with such a feeling of peace and love.
— Chris Gabaly, Yoga Teacher
The collaboration of Marisa and Seth is movement, music and sound for the soul. The connection with all of us in the room together, the breath, the peace, the gratitude is palpable. I am continually amazed by the real sensations and changes I feel and experience with Prana yoga and the addition of the live music makes it all so very extra special!
— Rhonda Mondelsphini, Workshop Participant
Seth and Marisa’s Prana Yoga with Live Music was a unique and special experience. It reminded me why music is essential for physical and mental well-being.
— Courtney Berghahn, Music Teacher
This class with Seth and Marisa is a totally nourishing experience. It’s a rare treat on so many levels- to have a class that includes yoga vocalization practices like bija mantras and beautiful live music. I always love harmonium and the clarinet was also particularly special. Marisa is a great energy- an attentive, caring, intuitive teacher.
— Rosie, Workshop Participant


Yoga brought my husband and me together and it was very important for us to express this part of ourselves in our wedding ceremony. I knew I didn’t want to walk down the aisle to traditional wedding music but to Krishna Das’ Mere Gurudev chant instead. I immediately thought of Seth as the missing piece to our ceremony. Seth was very easy to work with, learned the chants we requested and wrote original music for our wedding. The result was absolutely beautiful. Even relatives who have never been to a yoga class or a kirtan complimented us on the music. Seth and Sophie’s contribution to our wedding was one of my favorite memories. My only regret is that I didn’t get to hear all of the music that was played before I walked down the aisle!
— Kate Epting, Yoga Teacher and Midwife
Seth provided the perfect musical accompaniment and was a wonderfully calming force on the day of our wedding. Musically and spiritually Seth helped bring our big day to a whole new level. We would give Seth 10/10 for his gorgeous wedding music.
— Travis, film maker
Seth’s warm, colorful voice and intricate guitar playing added so many layers of meaning and intimacy to our wedding ceremony. His vast skill and the care he takes in crafting each note shined through, creating a gorgeous blanket of sound that rippled outward from his gentle presence. Seth’s music brought together our community in a powerful way, and his ability to match the energy of the space was deeply apparent to me. I am forever grateful for his kindness, expert musicianship and the quality of depth he brought to our wedding that simply cannot be captured in words.
— Heidi Schaul-Yoder, violinist and yoga teacher


I am writing to let you know that I really enjoyed your class this evening. Thank you. It was one of the best sessions I had during this teacher training.

I work in finance and I am going through a lot work-wise these days. It is VERY stressful and somewhat it’s been exhausting and draining me. Your class today really helped me. I was so full of emotion by the end of the chanting and I am writing to you to not lose the memory. I am not yet confident if I can ever make a living out of teaching yoga but you inspired me to keep practicing no matter what.
— Jenny, YTT Student