Live Music to Transform an Ordinary Place into a Sacred Space

Seth will not only provide well-crafted, skillfully arranged music for your event, class, workshop, or retreat, but will also bring to it the sensitivity, spirit, and soulfulness that is needed to elevate an ordinary event into an extraordinary occasion. Whether it is for a yoga class or yoga retreat, kirtan or wedding, Seth works closely with you to create a supportive and inspiring sound environment. Seth works with a variety of instruments depending on the occasion, including harmonium, guitar, clarinet, saxophone voice, frame drum, and piano, and also collaborates with other highly trained, spiritually-inclined musicians. He also creates original music for classes, events, and weddings upon request. Below are some of the occasions for which Seth provides live music.

Musically and spiritually Seth helped bring our big day to a whole new level. Seth provided the perfect musical accompaniment and was a wonderfully calming force on the day of our wedding.

— Travis, film maker

Sound and Music for Yoga Classes, Workshops, and Retreats

Seth works closely with yoga teachers and healers to create a sonic environment that assists in asana practice and supports a class both in movement and in stillness. Being a highly trained and experienced yoga teacher himself, he is sensitive to the environment of and intention behind a yoga class. One yoga teacher he works closely with says "Seth co-teaches through sound."

Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound) has long been practiced to bring us to states of deep connection and oneness, just like other forms of yoga practice. Yoga and other healing modalities, like Reiki, take on new life and potential when infused with soulful, spirited, intentional sound from someone who is a skillful musician, seasoned yoga teacher, and intuitive being. 

Seth uses a combination of instruments in class, including harmonium, guitar, clarinet, frame drum, and voice, and may also lead call and response chanting at the beginning and end of class if requested.

As a musician for yoga, he has led workshops and retreats with many New York City yoga teachers including Tara Glazier, Julianna Takacs, Kristin Leigh, Barbara Verrochi, Summer Quashie, Leigh Evans, Marisa Bonfanti, Erica Whalen, Adrianna Rizzolo, Ava Gerber, Stephanie Sandelben, Luke Simon, and Lee Schmidt.


In the middle of asana I just blissed out into the sound; I felt part of it. Seth’s music worked in harmony and never competed with the pranayama or asana.
— Ellen, yoga student
Seth’s music just made you feel all the poses and prana on such a deep level. Right down to your soul!
— Donna, yoga student


sample compilations of Seth's yoga class performances


Sacred Chanting in Your Yoga Studio or Home

Seth leads kirtan both alone and with other musicians, including guitar players, tabla (Indian drum) players, and string players. Seth uses his own original melodies as well as those by popular kirtan artists and commonly heard in traditional kirtan. Kirtan is the practice of chanting sacred names and sounds, often using the Sanskrit language. As a part of yoga practice it falls into the category of "Bhakti Yoga" or the "yoga of devotion". Kirtan is done as a communal practice where people come together to collectively sing, connect, and pray, just as people have done since ancient times. Kirtan awakens the heart and connects us more deeply to ourselves and others. Seth can come to your yoga studio or home and lead kirtan. Contact Seth for more information.



If you have a chance to join Seth for a kirtan - please do- it’s magical!
— Jackie, teacher

Sacred, Professionally-Crafted Music for Your Event

Music is an important component to any type of celebration or ceremony and with the right touch can elevate your event into the special, memorable moment you are looking for. Seth is able to help you towards that goal this through both his sensitivity to setting and spirituality and his ability to craft high-quality music. He will work closely with you in advance of your event to find music that supports your vision for your wedding ceremony or event. He will also take time to plan and practice on his own and with other musicians to come fully prepared to play for you. Musically, Seth can draw from a variety of genres, including Indian Devotional Music, Western Classical Music, and American Folk Music. Instrumentally, he plays the piano, harmonium, guitar, clarinet, and/or sings either as a solo musician or with one of many other professional musicians who are also spiritually in-tune. Seth, also a trained composer, can write original music for your ceremony upon request. You will find Seth both easy to work with, professional, and invested in creating the experience you are envisioning. Please reach out using the button below if you want to discuss your event further. 

Yoga brought my husband and me together and it was very important for us to express this part of ourselves in our wedding ceremony. I knew I didn’t want to walk down the aisle to traditional wedding music but to Krishna Das’ Mere Gurudev chant instead. I immediately thought of Seth as the missing piece to our ceremony. Seth was very easy to work with, learned the chants we requested and wrote original music for our wedding. The result was absolutely beautiful. Even relatives who have never been to a yoga class or a kirtan complimented us on the music. Seth and Sophie’s contribution to our wedding was one of my favorite memories. My only regret is that I didn’t get to hear all of the music that was played before I walked down the aisle!