Private Lessons: Harmonium

Whether you are looking to become more familiar with the harmonium, learn chants by your favorite kirtan artists for home practice, or share kirtan with your yoga classes, Seth will help you find your own way through this accessible and joyful practice. You will learn about the technical aspects of playing and practicing the harmonium, based on Seth’s many years of training as a classical musician and experience teaching in New York City and beyond. You will also learn how to better use your body, breath, and posture for playing and singing. Seth offers to teach you a diverse collection of familiar chant melodies and also will take the time to learn new chants brought to him by request. He will also provide you with notation for the chants using an easy-to-learn notation system that he developed so you can practice at home.

Study with Seth in-person in New York City, New Jersey, The Hudson Valley, or Online via Zoom or Skype.

I learned far more than just harmonium working with Seth, as he would link and interweave yogic concepts and awareness of my breath. The lessons created a space for me to express myself and gave me the confidence to lead kirtan at the beginning of my yoga classes.
— Beth, yoga teacher

Seth has been an extraordinary teacher for me. He knows exactly what I need, both musically and psychologically. He supports me when I’m feeling vulnerable, yet sets goals which enable me to sing and play at a level that I didn’t think possible. Seth’s patience and equanimity are exactly what I need when I’m anxious about my ability to master a new challenge. Every lesson is a joy, even when I’m feeling unsure of myself.
— Sue, psychologist and yoga teacher


Private Lessons: Other Instruments & Study

Seth offers instruction on a variety of instruments and in other areas of musical study in New York City (NYC), the Hudson Valley, and via skype anywhere in the world. With his classical training and his experience as a yoga and meditation instructor, he is able to bring a holistic approach to the technical practice of these instruments and music studies. Seth will help you gain better awareness of your body and breath in relationship to playing, singing and creating so that you can approach playing with greater ease, freedom and joy. Additionally, Seth is able to incorporate music theory into lessons so students become more empowered to understand music for themselves and play with other musicians. Seth offers instruction in the following areas: 








Music Theory

Composition & Songwriting


Study with Seth in-person in New York City, New Jersey, The Hudson Valley, or Online via Zoom or Skype.

Sessions with Seth are more than just music lessons but life lessons. There is the joy of learning a musical skill but then there is also the joy of learning to live a life full of meaning, growth, presence, connection and love.
— Jackie, Harmonium Student