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Seth offers private Reiki & Healing sessions to assist you with your overall wellbeing or with a specific physical, mental, or emotional condition. "Reiki", a Japanese word often translated as "Universal Life Force", is a gentle but powerful healing modality that works closely with the subtle energies in the body. Blockages in the flow of energy result from conditions like stress, anxiety, injury, or trauma, and can gradually be given encouraged to move and allow energy to circulate. This unblocking may affect us not only on an energetic level, but also may result in an enhancement of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being. After a session, you may feel more ease, freedom, and a sense of being more "in-tune" with yourself. 

Seth creates an environment for you to feel completely safe and nurtured throughout the session. After a brief check-in, you will be placed in a supported position and receive very gentle touch on different parts of your body. Seth can work with you in different restorative yoga postures, based on his training as a yoga teacher, that can target specific areas throughout the body based on your needs should you request it. You will be encouraged to relax and to pay gentle attention to your breath and whatever thoughts and feelings may arise. Seth can work with sound and music and also allow room for you to vocalize using sound or words to assist you in letting go. You may also just choose to be silent and receive throughout the session.