New York City area sessions normally take place at Balance Arts Center in Manhattan (34 West 28th Street, New York City 10001). Lessons in your home or another location, including New Jersey, are available and may incur an additional fee depending on your location


Hudson Valley lesson take place at The Yoga House in Kingston, New York. Lessons in your home or another location are available and may incur an additional fee depending on your location

Please note: lessons at locations other than the Balance Arts Center in NYC may require an additional travel fee.


Lessons are available online via Skype or Zoom anywhere in the world!


NEW YORK CITY/new jersey

New York City and New Jersey lessons generally take place on THURSDAY and FRIDAY every week, with occasional WEDNESDAY time slots available. Lessons take place between 9am and 8pm. Other days may be available depending on the week. Please contact Seth to inquire about other time slots.


Hudson Valley lessons generally take place MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY between the hours of 9am and 8pm. 

online lessons

Lessons online via Skype or Zoom are possible MONDAY - FRIDAY every week between the hours of 9am and 8pm. Please keep in mind that Seth is located in Eastern Standard Time. 

To schedule a session, you can contact Seth directly. 


Single Session

$120 (Mind Body Music & Voice, Yoga, and Healing Sessions) / $100 (Harmonium, Music, and Meditation)
Single sessions are 60 minutes long.

Package of 4 Sessions

$460 (Mind Body Music & Voice, Yoga, and Healing Sessions) / $380 (Harmonium, Music, and Meditation)
Session packages include 4 individual weekly sessions, each 60 minutes long.

*Packages have an expiration date of 2 months from purchase. 


24 hour cancellation notice is requested out of consideration for scheduling. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will result in forfeit of the full price of a Single Session, or deduction of a single session from a Package. Please read the Packages & Policies page for more information.


Harmonium & Chanting

Whether you are looking to become more familiar with the harmonium, learn chants by your favorite kirtan artists for home practice, or share kirtan with your yoga classes, Seth will help you find your own unique way through this joyful practice. You will learn the technical aspects of playing based on Seth’s training as a classical musician, as well as how to weave in mindfulness of the body, breath, and posture while playing and singing.

Mind, Body, Music & Voice

Mind, Body, Music & Voice lessons add a more in-depth exploration into the mind / body connection while playing an instrument and using your voice. Lessons include not only instrument playing but also incorporate vocal exercises, singing techniques, and Eastern and Western holistic practices for bringing more awareness to how you use your body and voice while performing. Exercise your freedom of expression through music.

Other Instruments & Study

Seth also offers holistic and practical instruction in the instruments instruments and areas of study including piano, clarinet, saxophone, voice, guitar, music theory, composition and songwriting.


Seth's offers authentic pathways into yoga and meditation practice, rooted in ancient yoga and healing traditions and tailored to our modern day lives. Whether you work with Seth one-on-one or take a group class, you will become more tuned into the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energetics of each season, each time of day, and your own development on the path of yoga. Seth infuses his classes a varied but cohesive collection of practices, including ancient yogic text and wisdom, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhist Meditation, Anatomy, Sound and Music, and his own personal daily yoga and daily living practice. 


Meditation practice is one way to restore our minds to a more calm and peaceful state so that we can function more freely in the world and realize our deeper goals and purpose in life. Developing a meditation practice can be challenging, which is why it is helpful to work directly one-on-one with a meditation teacher. Seth provides detailed instruction in seated meditation posture, based on his experience as a yoga teacher, and gives instruction in meditation techniques based on his practice of Buddhist meditation.

Reiki & Healing

"Reiki", a Japanese word often translated as "Universal Life Force", is a gentle but powerful healing modality that works closely with the subtle energies in the body. Blockages in the flow of energy result from conditions like stress, anxiety, injury, or trauma, and can gradually be given encouraged to move and allow energy to circulate. This unblocking may affect us not only on an energetic level, but also may result in an enhancement of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being. After a session, you may feel more ease, freedom, and a sense of being more "in-tune" with yourself.